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Executive Track

Security in business goes from the top down. Implementing strong, actionable cybersecurity strategies is a requirement for corporate leaders that want to maintain the competitive edge by better understanding the business environment and evolving more quickly to neutralize threats. Mitigating risk, protecting assets, and cyber resilience all rely on the union of business and security.

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Business Track

Corporate America is taking a security beating. Organizations large and small, in every industry, are falling victim to hackers, insider threats, and even inattentive employees. This staggering increase in cybercrime, coupled with dramatic increases in government regulations, have left more businesses vulnerable to both auditors and hackers. Developing an effective cybersecurity program and response plan has never been more important.

Technical Track

Your intellectual property, data and bank accounts have never been at greater risk. In today’s digital environment, it’s not if you’ll be the target of a cyberattack – it’s when. Having a clear picture of today’s complicated security infrastructure and understanding risk are the only ways to build an effective security strategy while utilizing finite resources.

Human Element Track

Your people are your greatest asset – and your biggest security liability. Understanding how (and why) people make decisions is vital to protecting your assets against phishing attacks, social engineering, and other “human errors.” Learn the psychology behind your team’s decisions and how to teach them to make smarter ones.

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